Tell Me About What You Do

How do you talk about your work?

Do you talk about your specific actions, or rather the work of your organization as a whole?

It's an important narrative, and simultaneously is telling about yourself and the organization.

When I interview people the first thing I'm looking for is that person's connection to the company. Do they use the term 'we'? Do they talk only about what they do--or what the company does? 

When you talk about the latter, you express an understanding of how your actions move the overall company. 

When you talk about your specific actions--you're telling me you don't see yourself as necessary. You tell everyone that you're focused on you and not your impact. 

Think about that the next time someone asks you 'what do you do?'. How will you answer?


Invest in Relationships Now, You'll Need Them Later

What's the one relationship you want to invest in this year?

I'm not talking romantically--you should invest in that every day. This is about investing in the people that step in when you need a hand. It could be a coworker, a close friend or a relative.

I have a client who is investing in his relationship with his dad. He wants to spend more time to get to know his dad. Another client is investing in her customer relationships -- she wants to take the extra step to delight her customers.

How you choose to invest in the relationship can be in any form. In may simply be a commitment to respond to their emails in a more timely fashion--or send them a card on special occasions.

Relationships take effort, even the acquaintance kind. Everyone needs them though, even self-identified 'introverts'. Relationships are what help you when you lose a job or have any major life event. With good relationships the next time your career hits a bump or even screeches to a halt, your relationships are there to help. 

Choose a relationship and do something today.