How Did You Get Here?

We've all experienced a journey -- an adventure that brought us to our here and now. But how did we get here? What has brought us to this point in our lives, our careers, our journeys?

I think of the people. For every successful person, there is a list of people that helped them along the way. There is the boss that supported their pursuit of passion. The friend that pressured them to continue on through difficult times. There is the mentor that shared their knowledge with no expectation of return. 

There are also the people that spurned them on for negative reasons. They told them they couldn't possibly make it work - so they proved them wrong. They told them they'll never amount to anything, or that they were unworthy. They became successful anyway. 

We do not travel within a vacuum. Each step we take in our journey is influenced by the people in our lives. Think of your successes - who were your supporters? Have you thanked them? 

Go, thank your supporters. Thank them for their role in your success.

Go thank that Teacher that inspired you.
Go thank that boss that gave you flexibility. 
Go thank that friend that never abandoned you.
Go thank that person that gave you a hand when you were down. 

Express gratitude for the support you've received. You'll brighten their day with your thoughtfulness and you'll have a chance to relive that success.