What's in a mantra?

Picking a phrase to define your year may seem a bit of a ‘cart before the horse’ effort. How can you define something that has yet to occur?

It's about approach.

A mantra, a slogan repeated frequently, is about what you want for yourself in the coming year. By setting your frame of mind before you'll be more likely to make it happen.

It's a bit like telling yourself that you want a salad. At first you'll be ‘no, I don't want a salad. I want a freaking cookie.’ And then, you'll acquiesce to the constant barrage of ‘you want a salad’ in your head. ‘Fine, I'll have a salad’ you'll say grudgingly. And in time, the conversation will disappear because you'll start choosing the salad on your own.

You'll feel better for it.

There’s a trend to pick a word for you year, but as a storyteller I find that lacking. One word will not paint the picture. For example, if I chose the word ‘joy’ what is that suppose to mean? Does that mean I only do things that make me feel joy? Or is it rather about creating joy for others? It could instead be about finding joy in daily activities or adding more time for joy.

One word will not set the tone for the coming year - it will not put your mind in the right frame for decision making.

Instead pick a phrase. A phrase like ‘choose joy’ or ‘make time for joy’ are much more specific than the word alone.

What's your mantra for the year?