Hello! I'm Cassandra Schwartz, a marketing and communication leader based out of Seattle. I'm lover of things thrifted, mid-century modern decor and good books. In my spare time, I hike, sew, and enjoy exploring with my son. 

The cornerstones to good communications and marketing are relationships and strategy. Are you investing in your people and the time necessary to get critical insights? There are many pieces necessary for relationships and strategy to shine. From translating data into actionable insights, to understanding your customer at a whole new level, this is where I can help. 

My past work has included Microsoft's Global Hackathon, Front Desk, Rival IQXinova, and Xbox's Partner Hardware. Currently, I'm consulting: helping early stage startups and small businesses engage customers and launch new products.

I'm always looking to meet interesting folks, and talk about exciting ideas. Holler at me.