10 Reasons You Want Me on YOUR Team

  1. I’m a relationship master, and I don’t mean romantically. Building and then maintaining relationships with key partners, internal teams and interns is second nature for me.

  2. I like sweets. I don’t need an excuse to bring in donuts or the best bread pudding you’ve ever had.

  3. Strategy is my comrade, we’re super close. I invite strategy to everything. I understand strategy, what makes it good, and when it should be shown the door.

  4. Magic making is what I do. I’m serious. It has been said many a time “I don’t know how she does it, but go to Cassandra, she’ll make magic happen”, and I do.

  5. Your office fashion game immediately gets a boost. Don’t worry, if it’s an office full of cargo short wearers, I’ll be gentle.

  6. Stupid questions don’t exist. Ok, well, sometimes they do. However, I’m the first person to ask a seemingly odd question. Those questions, and the answers, are often what the team needs to refocus efforts and hone in on what really needs to get done.

  7. Over 12 years of living in Kansas made me a well-rounded individual. I can explain no-till farming, why Wichita State’s mascot is the Shocker, and the skill needed to play bingo.

  8. Catching balls is second nature to me. Balls get dropped frequently--no matter how diligent a team is. When it happens, I step in to help, because really a team doesn’t work if there is no support.

  9. Starting a sorority in college is not something that is done everyday. In doing so, I received a crash course in marketing, recruitment, university politics, relationship building, and fighting for what you believe.

  10. Passion and determination are part of my person, and come with me everywhere. Any work or project is easier when you’re surrounded by people that care about the end result. I bring that to every role, if I want to see it in others, it has to start with me.